Financial Management Information Software

Financial Management Information Software (FMIS)

Streamline Your Financial Management with Our Comprehensive and Modular FMIS Solution

Financial Independence

Financial expansion, in the business world, relies on the availability of new capital. However, at IntelliCode, we invite business owners to embark on a journey toward financial independence by organized division and retrospective multiplication of their existing capital. Instead of turning to hefty commercial loan, we help you actualize your business expansion by creating capital generating channels and building new growth networks from existing ones.

Allow us to help you fix your cash flows, manage your financial reporting, tax compliance, and budgeting in a systemized and efficient manner. In turn, we enable you to prepare government-compliant tax reports, compare key figures and performance indicators between different periods, and much more. The IntelliCode Financial Management Software is reliable, results oriented, and a must-have for every striving business to thrive.

Real-Time Financial Control

Real-Time Financial Control

Stay on Top of Your Finances With Easy And Accurate Record-Keeping

Financial Dimensions
IntelliCode introduces financial dimensions which offer a fresh and dynamic way of tracking and reporting on financial and operational data, while simplifying your Chart of Accounts. You can define your key indicators or financial terms and generate customizable reports which deliver the insights that will speed up your decision making and help you grow.

Easy-to-make Account Structures
Our Finance and Accounts Management Solution simplifies your chart of accounts and offers a dynamic structure for your accounts rather than a hard-coded one. So, adding a new location, or department will auto-create all necessary accounts thereby reducing redundant work and account clusters.

General Ledger

The General Ledger stands at the core of every accounting system, serving as the bedrock of financial stability. Our cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution offers more than just a reliable General Ledger (GL) module – it provides a strategic tool to empower your financial management. Seamlessly navigate and manage your company’s intricate financial transactions with unparalleled confidence and precision.

With our FMIS Solution, you’re not just ensuring a robust financial backbone for your business operations; you’re paving the way for strategic financial decision-making, ensuring your company’s enduring success in the competitive landscape.

general ledger
account receivables

Account Receivables

Effortlessly manage your outstanding payments and improve cash flow with IntelliCode’s Account Receivables solution in our Financial Management Information System. Stay on top of your receivables and get paid faster with automated invoicing and payment reminders. Effortlessly streamline your payment management and boost cash flow with IntelliCode’s Account Receivables solution in our Financial Management Information System.

Account Payables

Simplify and optimize your organization’s financial processes with our Account Payables solution in the Financial Management Information Software (FMIS). Effortlessly manage outstanding invoices and payments, ensuring seamless operations. Streamline your financial workflow for enhanced efficiency and significant cost savings. Experience a smarter way to manage your finances with our user-friendly solution.

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